Principles of Tactical Defense – Part II: All Around Defense

The Defensive Training Group

Originally posted 25 Apr 13.

In PTD, Part 1”> we briefly touched on the principle of ‘Vital Ground’ and what its characteristics are.  To review, “…ground vital to the defense of your position includes any position from which your enemy can overlook, bring fire to bear, or mount an attack from upon the area which you are occupying or defending.”

This time we’ll briefly touch on a well-tried method to achieve all around security through mutual support, defense in-depth and interlocking fields of fire with two buddy teams (or a fire team if you prefer). DTG calls it the, “Reinforced Triangle.”

As seen in the illustration below, these two teams merge into one with one person acting as a team leader (TL) who occupies the center position and oversees the defense should things get hot. Distances between the positions are situation and environmentally dependent, but the principles apply…

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