Patriot Burnout and Shaky Knees

Everybody at some point in their lives experiences a degree of burnout, in their job, education, some times even relationships. This is normal in most cases and usually overcome when the root cause is identified and proper action taken to rectify the problem. However, in the ongoing struggle for the restoration of Rightful Liberty there can be no place given to Patriot Burnout. Failure is not an option. If you feel you are a victim of this malady I would suggest a thorough reread of Orwell’s “1984.” Not as a reminder of the similarities between the surveillance state of Oceania and our current modern world, but more to see the similarities in our humanity, or lack of it. Orwell’s protagonist Winston decides to no longer live as a subservient automaton and begins to willfully break the laws that have neutered his mind and live as a somewhat free man. That is until the enemies of freedom catch up with this radical, non-conformist outlaw and his accomplice. What happens next is the point of this exercise. If you have been in this battle for any length of time, you may be feeling that not enough is being done by everyone else, or what difference do I make, I’m only one person, or I can’t do that because that’s illegal. These and so many more similar thoughts are a sign of Patriot Burnout or worse yet Shaky Knees. If you think that .gov has plans to stack bodies of patriots alone like cord wood you are mistaken, but that would still be a better fate than what we see happen to Mr. Winston Smith. After months of torture he is taken to face his worst fear, and when confronted by that, instead of facing it with virtue and resolve, he caves in and whimpers, “Do it to her.” So Winston lives, a hollow shell of his former self, empty, soulless. Now is not the time for “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.” Now is the time to quicken your resolve, redouble your efforts and continue in the fight.
Not everyone will die the glorious death, but we all can die with our honor, dignity and souls in tact. Don’t be a Winston.

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